Yelp’s AI: Reviews with a Personal Touch

Yelp review

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless reviews, trying to get a sense of whether a place is worth visiting? Well, Yelp’s latest updates are about to make that a whole lot easier, and here’s how.

Yelp Embraces AI

With over 20 new updates, Yelp is integrating AI in a way that’s both innovative and user-friendly. The standout feature? AI-generated company summaries that distill the essence of what businesses are all about, based on real, firsthand user reviews.

AI Knows What Makes a Business Stand Out

These AI-crafted summaries are designed to highlight what a business is best known for. Whether it’s the cozy atmosphere of a café, the impeccable service at a boutique, the unmatched amenities of a gym, the unbeatable value of a diner, or the must-try dish at a local eatery, Yelp’s AI sifts through the noise to spotlight the key attributes.

Recognition for the Reviewers

Yelp is also giving back to its community of reviewers. The introduction of a “Recognitions” program aims to reward those passionate individuals who take the time to share their experiences. This move underscores the value Yelp places on the authentic voices that fuel its platform.

How It Works: The AI Behind the Scenes

By analyzing a reliable number of recent reviews recommended by Yelp’s own automated software, the AI generates summaries that reflect the current sentiment of the Yelp community. While these summaries can’t be altered by consumers or businesses to ensure fairness and authenticity, Yelp has mechanisms in place for reporting inaccuracies, which are then reviewed by human moderators.

Coming Soon to All Your Devices

Initially available on iOS, these AI-generated summaries are set to make their way to desktop and Android users later in 2024. This phased rollout is part of Yelp’s strategy to ensure a seamless integration of these new features across all platforms.

More Than Just Summaries

Yelp has overhauled its home feed and search experience to make discovering new favorites more visually engaging. Features like Yelp Connect postings, a smarter question-asking process that skips unnecessary steps, and the “Projects” feature, which allows users to save and organize their finds, are all part of Yelp’s mission to enhance user experience.

The Future of Yelp

As Yelp continues to evolve, these updates mark a significant step towards a more personalized, efficient, and engaging discovery process. So, next time you’re on Yelp, take a moment to appreciate the simplicity with which you can now find exactly what you’re looking for. Yelp’s AI might just surprise you by how well it knows your style.

Looking Ahead

The question now is, how will these innovations shape the future of consumer reviews and local business discovery? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Yelp’s journey into AI is a bold move that promises to redefine our expectations of what a review platform can be.

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