FigJam's AI Tools

FigJam’s AI Tools: Quick, Easy, Smart

Are you tired of the slow start to design projects? FigJam hears you! They’ve launched FigJam AI – think of it as a turbo button for your creative process.

Templates in a Snap

Imagine this: you open FigJam, and voila, a shiny template awaits. Forget the drag-and-draw marathon. FigJam AI does the heavy lifting, making setup a breeze. No more blank canvas anxiety! With FigJam AI, you get templates that pop up ready to roll.

AI to Describe Your Ideas

You know how looking at a bunch of blank stickies can make your brain go “nope”? Well, not anymore! FigJam AI kicks things off with some starter text for you. Then, it’s all you – tweak and twist it however you like. Make it your own!

Sort & Summerize: Your New Best Friends

Messy stickies? Sort turns that chaos into order. And Summerize? Just a click, and you’ve got a neat bundle of your brainstormed genius. It’s a no-brainer!

Jambot: Chat with AI

Remember Jambot, the chat whiz? It’s the ChatGPT buddy for FigJam, and it’s here to stay. Brainstorm, debug, or just chat away!

AI That Fits Right In

This isn’t just any AI. FigJam AI is savvy, built on OpenAI’s foundation models and ready to mingle with other AI models. Think of it as tech that adapts to your needs. They’re not just sprinkling it on top; they’re mixing it in to make your design life a piece of cake.

Try FigJam’s AI!

Curious to see these tools in action? Jump into FigJam AI and watch your productivity soar. And don’t forget to peek at our previous blog on GPT-4 Turbo for additional AI updates. Wondering what magic Vease can work for you? Ask our chatbot!

(Featured Image: © Figma)

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