Adobe's new AI Assistant in action, offering advanced analysis and interaction with PDF documents.

Adobe Launches AI Assistant for PDFs

Adobe has introduced an AI Assistant for Acrobat and Reader, changing how we interact with PDFs. This new feature lets users have conversations with their PDFs, asking questions and getting insights directly from the document.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Insights: The AI Assistant can analyze PDF contents, offering deeper understanding.
  • Easy Access: Available through an upgrade, users can find it in a new context menu item in Acrobat and Reader apps on desktop and web.
  • Beta to Subscription: It’s currently in beta, moving to a paid subscription model post-beta.
Credit: Adobe

Tech Behind the Assistant

Built on Adobe’s Liquid Mode AI, the assistant enhances reading modes for PDFs, especially on mobile. It summarizes documents, creates citations, and improves navigation.

What’s Next?

Adobe plans to integrate generative AI for PDF creation, aiming to expand digital document value. For more Adobe AI updates, be sure to check out Adobe MAX 2023.

Subscription Details

While in beta, the AI Assistant is free for Acrobat subscribers. Post-beta, it will require an additional subscription on top of the Acrobat monthly fee. Pricing details are pending.

Adobe’s move marks a significant step in making PDF interactions more dynamic and informed, promising a unique blend of utility and innovation for document management.

Photo credit: Adobe

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