OpenAI's ChatGPT introduces the 'Read Aloud' feature, enhancing accessibility and interaction across 37 languages with customizable voice options.

ChatGPT Gets Vocal: Introducing “Read Aloud”

OpenAI has just added a “Read Aloud” feature to ChatGPT. This transforms how we interact with AI, enabling it to voice responses in 37 languages. It’s a big leap forward, making AI chats more accessible and dynamic.

Accessibility Across Devices

Mobile: Tap and Hold

On iOS and Android, “Read Aloud” springs to life with a simple tap and hold on the message you’re curious about. Choose “Read Aloud,” and the AI takes it from there, speaking directly to you.

Web: Click Away

For web users, a “Read Aloud” button now appears below messages. A single click, and ChatGPT starts conversing with you, no tapping or holding required.

Tailored Auditory Experience

Smart Language Detection

“Read Aloud” isn’t just about hearing the AI; it’s about understanding. The feature automatically detects the language of the message, ensuring the AI’s response is in the right tongue.

Voice Options

Customization doesn’t end with languages. You get five voice options to choose from, making each interaction uniquely yours.

OpenAI’s Multimodal Evolution

This update is part of OpenAI’s broader vision to enhance ChatGPT’s multimodal capabilities. Following the introduction of a voice chat feature in September 2023, “Read Aloud” adds another layer of interaction, pushing the boundaries of how we engage with AI.

Keeping Pace with Tech Giants

OpenAI isn’t alone in exploring voice features. Google and Microsoft have woven similar “Read Aloud” functionalities into their chatbots, Gemini and Copilot. It’s a clear signal that the future of AI involves not just reading text but also hearing it, making digital interactions more human-like.

In essence, ChatGPT’s “Read Aloud” feature is setting a new standard for AI communication. By making AI chats more accessible and engaging across languages and devices, OpenAI continues to innovate, ensuring that AI isn’t just seen but also heard.

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