Overview of recent advancements and issues in artificial intelligence across various sectors, including biotechnology, automotive, media, and education.

Last Week in AI: Episode 29

Last week in AI we saw significant moves across various sectors, showcasing both innovation and challenges. Here’s a look at the key developments that stood out.

AI-Driven Gene Editing Tools

  • Development: Researchers have introduced a ‘ChatGPT for CRISPR’, a tool that designs novel gene-editing tools.
  • Impact: This represents a significant leap in biotechnology, potentially accelerating genetic research and applications​ (Nature)​.

Drake and AI-Generated Music Controversy

  • Issue: An AI-generated music track mistakenly labeled as a collaboration between Drake, Taylor Swift, and Tupac sparked a major takedown notice.
  • Discussion: Raises questions about AI’s role in copyright and artist representation in the music industry​ (Nature)​.

Tesla’s Massive AI Investment

  • Announcement: Elon Musk reveals that Tesla plans to spend $10 billion on AI training and inference in 2024.
  • Strategic Move: This investment is aimed at advancing their autonomous vehicle technology and solidifying Tesla’s position as a tech leader, not just an automaker​ (Benzinga)​.

Financial Times Employs ChatGPT

  • What’s happening: The Financial Times integrates ChatGPT to enhance its reporting techniques.
  • Implications: This could lead to faster, more nuanced analyses in journalism, potentially setting a trend in the industry (OpenAI).

ChatGPT Gains Memory

  • Feature update: OpenAI introduces a memory feature for ChatGPT Plus users.
  • Benefits: Enhances user interactions by remembering past conversations, potentially improving user experience significantly (OpenAI).

China’s Vidu Revolutionizes Video Production

  • Innovation: Vidu can generate video from text inputs.
  • Impact: Marks a significant leap in content creation, offering vast possibilities for media and entertainment (Maginative).

GitHub’s New Copilot Workspace

  • Launch details: GitHub announces a specialized environment for Copilot users.
  • Advantages: Aims to simplify the coding process, making it more efficient and integrated (GitHub).

OpenAI and Worldcoin to Explore AI Collaborations

  • Potential partnership: Talks are underway between OpenAI and Worldcoin.
  • Focus: Exploring innovative applications of AI technology in various fields (Cointelegraph).

Issues with Meta’s AI Ad Tools

  • Problem: Reports of malfunctions in Meta’s automated ad tools causing inefficiencies.
  • Concerns: Reflects the challenges in deploying AI solutions in large-scale, real-world applications (The Verge).

AI Misuse in Educational Setting

  • Incident: A teacher in Maryland used AI to create inappropriate content.
  • Response: Raises questions about ethical use and regulations of AI technologies in sensitive environments (NBC News).

Apple Deepens Engagement with OpenAI

  • Negotiations intensify: Apple may integrate more AI functionalities into its devices.
  • Expectations: Could enhance user interfaces and bring advanced AI features to mainstream consumers (Bloomberg).

Biden Administration Forms AI Safety Board

  • New initiative: A focus on ensuring AI safety and security with input from industry leaders.
  • Goal: To establish standards and protocols for safe AI deployment (NBC News).


This week’s developments highlight the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of AI. From innovations in AI applications to challenges in ethical uses and safety, the field continues to push the boundaries of technology and its impact on society. As AI becomes increasingly embedded in various aspects of our lives, the importance of informed discourse and regulatory frameworks grows ever more critical.

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