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Google Introduces New Educational Tools with AI Features

AI-Powered Classrooms

Google’s latest update is a big step for education. They’re bringing in AI to make classrooms more interactive and efficient. For instance, teachers can now add questions to YouTube videos, thanks to AI. This makes videos not just fun but also educational. Google’s AI also helps by suggesting questions at different video timelines.

Multilingual Support in Practice Sets

The Practice Sets feature is now available in over 50 languages. This means students from various parts of the world can use it. Teachers can also convert Google Forms into practice sets easily.

Duet AI: A Helping Hand for Teachers

Google Workspace’s Duet AI is like a virtual assistant for teachers. It helps in creating lesson plans, saving time and effort.

Improved Classroom Management

Classroom management just got simpler. Google Classroom now allows teachers to create groups, assign different tasks to these groups, and highlight speakers in Slides. eSignature in Google Workspace makes getting approvals and contracts easier.

Upgraded Classroom Analytics

Google has upgraded Classroom analytics. Teachers can now get insights into assignment completion and grading trends more efficiently.

Focus on Accessibility

Google is also improving accessibility. ChromeOS and Chrome browser are getting new features like better screen reader support and text highlighting. Google Meet will support closed captions in 30 languages and allow pinning multiple hosts.

New Chromebooks and Home Screen Updates

Google is showcasing 15 new Chromebooks at the Bett event. These will be available this year. They’ve also updated Chromebooks to display upcoming assignments on the home screen.

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