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How to Create Images Using Midjourney

In this guide, we’ll journey together through the process of using Midjourney and how to create captivating images and craft something beautiful.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to Create Images Using Midjourney

Setting Up

Basic Commands: Your First Steps on How to Create Images Using Midjourney

  • Start with a prompt using /imagine followed by your idea. For example: /imagine a serene beach at sunset. When the images are generated, you will see buttons below them labeled U1 – U4 for upscaling, and V1 – V4 for creating variations of the images.

Improving Image Quality

  • Upscale your chosen image by clicking on the corresponding U button (e.g., U1 for the first image). If unsatisfied with the generated images, click the regenerate button to try another concept based on the original prompt1.

Creating Variations

  • Click on one of the V buttons (e.g., V1 for the first image) to create variations of that image.

Advanced Commands: Deeper Dive on How to Create Images Using Midjourney

  • Use additional parameters to control the output, such as –q for image quality, and -–ar for aspect ratio, e.g., /imagine a serene beach at sunsetq3 –ar 16:9.
  • Upload your own image with image prompts and combine them with –iw to adjust the image’s importance in relation to the text portion of your prompt1.
  • Utilize Remix mode by typing /prefer remix to change prompts, parameters, or aspect ratios of an existing image.

Experiment with Styles

  • You can experiment with different styles by using the –style parameter as per the Midjourney documentation2. Example: if wanting a photo-realistic style, you might use a prompt like /imagine a serene beach at sunset –style photorealistic.

Review and Save

  • Review the generated images and save your preferred ones.

This guide should help you navigate the basics and some advanced features of Midjourney for image creation. Remember, the key to mastering Midjourney is experimentation and practice with different commands and parameters to get the desired output.

Subscription Plans

Midjourney has four subscription tiers. Pay month-to-month or for the entire year for a 20% discount. Each subscription plan includes access to the Midjourney member gallery, the official Discord, general commercial usage terms, and more.


  1. Do I need to be an artist to dance along with Midjourney? Not at all! Midjourney is here for everyone. It’s like having a conversation where you bring the ideas, and Midjourney brings them to life.
  2. Is signing up a serious commitment? Well, it’s like buying a ticket to an art festival. To get the full experience, a subscription is your pass.
  3. What if the picture isn’t as pretty as I thought? No worries! With a click, you can ask Midjourney to take another spin on your idea. It’s all about tuning until the tune sounds right to you.
  4. Can I bring my own photos to the mix? Absolutely! Midjourney loves when you bring friends to the party. Your photos are more than welcome, and they’ll only jazz up the final piece.
  5. Can I ask Midjourney to paint like Van Gogh or sketch like Picasso? You can surely nudge it to try. The --style parameter is your friend here. Though it might not replicate Van Gogh’s starry swirls or Picasso’s abstract lines perfectly, it’s always up for the adventure.

In Conclusion

With Midjourney, every idea is the start of a new adventure on a blank canvas. The canvas is vast, and the possibilities are endless. Happy creating!

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