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Apple Healthcare Coming in 2024?

You’ve heard of Apple right? If not, now’s the time to catch up, as they’re setting their sights on the healthcare sector. Come 2024, a bouquet of health-centric features will adorn the Apple Watch, including the ability to detect hypertension and sleep apnea. But that’s not all – your earbuds are getting an upgrade too, with hearing-aid functionality and hearing tests set to be part of the AirPods’ feature suite.

Health Watch

The Apple Watch, already a buddy to the health-conscious, is about to become a wellness companion. The rumored features are:

  • Hypertension Detection: A vigilant guard against the silent killer.
  • Sleep Apnea Detection: Sleep soundly with early alerts on sleep interruptions.

This isn’t just a win for health buffs but a giant leap towards preventative healthcare.

Subscription to Wellness

Alongside, a paid health service is brewing, hinting at a subscription model. It’s Apple’s ticket to an ongoing relationship with your wellness journey.

Hear, Hear

The AirPods are not left behind in this health expedition. With proposed hearing-aid functionality and hearing tests, Apple is lending an ear to auditory health too.

A Holistic Health Ecosystem

Apple’s holistic approach signifies a future where tech is intertwined with health, fostering a proactive health culture. We believe technology is the bridge to flourishing businesses and wholesome living. Explore what Vease can unfold for your business venture. Also, don’t miss out on our previous blog on AI-Powered Precision Medicine, it’s a read worth your time!

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