OpenAI DevDay introducing GPTs

OpenAI’s New Custom ChatGPT – It’s a Big Deal!

OpenAI did something amazing! They made a new way to create special ChatGPTs for different jobs. This shop called the GPT Store allows people who pay for ChatGPT Plus or big companies get these AIs.

At DevDay in San Francisco, they also showed off a new, more powerful GPT-4 that’s easier on the wallet. Even better, their apps are now cheaper for the folks building them. And guess what? ChatGPT is super popular, with 100 million users every week!

The best part? The AIs in the GPT Store are privacy-friendlyβ€”creators can’t peek at your chats. But, OpenAI will make sure everyone’s who they say they are before letting them make AIs.

At first, you can get to these AIs with just a link. OpenAI thinks this is a big step toward making the smartest AI ever, called AGI.

Here’s a list of updates:

  • With GPT Builder, you personalize an AI that talks back. πŸ—£οΈ
  • Starting is as simple as having a conversation with ChatGPT. πŸ’¬
  • You name your AI and define its role. πŸ”–
  • It’s trainable with unique skills and chat guidelines. πŸŽ“
  • You can upload files, like a Code Interpreter, for added functionality. πŸ“‚
  • You choose the tasks your AI performs. πŸ“Œ
  • It can carry out specific actions on command. πŸ€–
  • And you can design its virtual face using DALL-E 3. 🎨
  • OpenAI also introduced a marketplace, the GPT Store, to sell your custom AIs, and launched Assistants API for developers. πŸ›’

Keep an eye out for further news! πŸ‘€

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