How Vease Can Help You with Your Daily Life

Posted on July 28, 2018 | Written by Florind Metalla

Peace of Mind

Everyone of us can use a little assistance with our regular day to day tasks, whether it’s hiring someone to help with tasks at home or for personal like Make-Up, Hair care, massages, and more. It’s very time consuming and difficult to find quality and trustworthy help with these responsibilities.

Vease is a platform that’s designed to make our daily life easier. It quickly and securely connects users who are looking to offer assistance with any number of tasks including finding reliable and trustworthy make-up artist, hair stylists, barbers, personal trainers, massage therapists, eyelash extension technicians, nail technicians, car detailing professionals, pet groomer, and more.

Vease searches your area for service providers to assist you with your needs. You can quickly find an experienced service provider using the Vease app and website. You’ll be able to get information about the service providers rates and schedule so that you can easily compare and make the best financial decision for you. You’ll be able to share your specific budget and get clear and concise information about how much you can expect to spend and industry standards for your specific task.

It will only takes a couple of minutes to find and be paired with someone suitable for the task that you require assistance with, and you’ll be able to access detailed information about each potential service provider so that you aren’t connecting with a service provider without having information about them.

Easy access to help regardless of location.

If you’ve recently moved to a new area or you are traveling, you’ll be able to find the help you need by using Vease. Regardless of your unfamiliarity to the community, it will embrace you and take care of your needs.

Vease is a much faster option than the traditional options currently available.

The time it takes to post an ad online, to wait for responses, and then to individually screen and qualify each candidate, it is very overwhelming and time consuming. Vease has simplified the process by eliminating unnecessary and time consuming steps.

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