How to Save Money When Hiring a Beautician

Posted on August 6, 2018 | Written by Florind Metalla


When hiring beauticians such as hairdresser, barber, make-up artists, nail technicians and etc., it’s usually easy to overspend because you’re pain for their skillset. Top tier beauticians provide the best quality of work but you’ll spend top dollar on them. In other cases, you might overpay for a low-quality beautician because you don’t access to quality information that matters such as reviews from the real people, easy access to their portfolio and a community rating.

You can avoid overpaying for low-quality beauticians by using the following methods:

#1 – Compare Prices

Just about every beautician has their own rate and assuming that you aren’t already being cut a great deal, you can always question multiple beauticians and compare prices. See if your beautician is willing to negotiate on their rate, and you also may be able to work out discounts if you’re able to provide a larger amount of work or repeat work.

#2 – Hire Locally

There are usually plenty of beauticians who are experienced and honest and will give you a fair rate. So, it’s best not to explore too far outside of your area when searching. Most beauticians outside of your local community will charge you substantial fees for traveling or you’re going to spend extra by traveling to them.

#3 – Make Sure You Know Their Expertise

Hiring an inexperienced beautician can be just as expensive as hiring one who overcharges you. For instance, if you hire a nail technician who messes up your nails, you’ll have to redo the nails. The nail technician will have to redo your nails or you’re going to have to find another one to fix it. So, while it’s a good idea to save money, also make sure that any potential beautician has the experience and ability to finish your need right the first time.

#4 – Use Vease To Save Money

Vease is a new platform that offers you the ability to connect with local businesses in your area and see rates and information about their experience up front. You’ll be able to quickly compare beauticians and choose the ones that offer prices within your budget and the skill level that you need.

Vease will save you both time and money every time you need to hire someone. You’ll avoid being overcharged while also ensuring that you get the quality help that you need.

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