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Moonshine Studio’s Creative Leap: Introducing NANA, the AI-Powered Receptionist

Hey there, tech and VFX enthusiasts! Let’s take a peek into something truly fascinating – Moonshine Studio’s latest creation, NANA, an AI-powered receptionist avatar.

NANA: More Than Just a Virtual Assistant

Moonshine Studio, known for its visual effects (VFX) wizardry, has ventured into new territory. They’ve created NANA using NVIDIA Studio technology. This virtual assistant isn’t just about welcoming guests; it’s about reshaping the reception experience and easing the workload of the receptionist team.

The Tech Behind the Magic

NANA’s creation story is as impressive as her capabilities. Moonshine Studio utilized NVIDIA Studio’s GPU-accelerated features and the powerhouse GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. This tech combo brought NANA to life in a way that’s both seamless and sophisticated.

A Blend of Software and Creativity

The journey to create NANA was a blend of various software and tools. The team used Blender for 3D modeling, Marvelous Designer for realistic clothing, Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Quixel Mixer for texturing, and Unreal Engine to bring it all together. Each tool played a crucial role in shaping NANA’s charismatic persona.

AI: A Game Changer in Creativity

AI’s role in NANA’s creation was pivotal. From upscaling frames to intricate character rigging, NVIDIA’s technology made these tasks smoother and more efficient. It’s a testament to how AI is revolutionizing the creative process, making the unimaginable possible.

The Societal Impact of AI

The creation of NANA isn’t just a technological achievement; it’s a glimpse into the potential of AI in society. It shows how AI can be a valuable asset in customer interaction and creative tasks.

A Warm Invitation

Moonshine Studio invites everyone to experience NANA firsthand. It’s an opportunity to see how AI can transform a regular office visit into something extraordinary. Also, don’t forget to check out NVIDIA Studio’s social media channels and resources for more insights into their groundbreaking technology.

Final Thoughts

NANA by Moonshine Studio is more than an AI-powered virtual assistant; it’s a beacon of the potential AI holds in both the creative and societal spheres. Using NVIDIA Studio technology, Moonshine Studio has not only eased their reception tasks but also opened doors to new possibilities in AI and creativity.

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