The Pope according to Google's Gemini

Google’s AI Gemini Under Fire Over Bias and Inclusivity

Google’s AI chatbot, Gemini, is under fire. Some claim it’s biased against white people, preferring to generate images of non-white individuals. Despite producing diverse images, Gemini refuses to create images based on race, sparking debates on AI bias and inclusivity.

The Core Issue

The controversy isn’t just about image generation. It questions Google’s responsibility in developing unbiased AI. Accusations of bias challenge Google to ensure their AI reflects fairness and diversity.

The “Go Woke, Go Broke” Debate

People use “go woke, go broke” to argue that prioritizing political correctness could harm Google. This highlights the challenge of balancing social issues with technology development.

Leadership Accountability

The criticism extends to Google’s leadership. To restore credibility, some suggest significant changes are needed, implying a leadership overhaul might be necessary.

The Bigger Picture

The Gemini debate reflects broader societal challenges in the digital age. As AI evolves, it must do so without reinforcing biases or inequalities.


Google must confront these challenges head-on with honesty and a true representation of history to earn its stripes in AI.

Image credit: X @endwokeness

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