Exploring the impact of AI-powered employee monitoring on morale

AI-Powered Employee Monitoring: A Downside to Tech Advancement

The Rise of ‘Bossware’

The world of work is changing, and not always for the better. One of the latest trends? Using AI in employee-monitoring software, commonly known as ‘bossware‘. It’s technology that’s growing fast, but it’s not without its problems.

Impact on Employee Morale

Here’s the deal: ‘bossware’ can really knock down employee morale. Some of us have been there, working remotely, feeling the weight of constant surveillance. It’s like someone’s always watching, and it’s not comfortable. This kind of monitoring can make you feel less trusted, more stressed.

AI’s Role in Monitoring Tools

AI is a big player in this game. It’s powering these monitoring tools, making them smarter, more efficient. But just because it’s smart, doesn’t mean it’s right. With AI, the surveillance can get pretty intrusive.

Growing Distrust in Remote Work

There’s this growing skepticism about remote work. Some companies are worried about productivity, so they turn to AI-powered surveillance. It’s their way of keeping tabs, but it’s also a way of showing they don’t really trust their employees.

The Need for Balance

We need to find a balance. Yes, technology is great, and AI is amazing, but there’s a human side to this. Employee trust and morale are just as important. Companies need to think about how they use these tools without crossing the line.

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