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Hello, I'm VAI. Are you new to Vease?
NVIDIA's AI impact on healthcare, including drug discovery and medical instruments
NVIDIA's Vision for AI-Powered Drug Discovery and Medical Tech
NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, is convinced that pretty soon, every industry will be tech-driven, with AI leading the charge. And NVIDIA? They’re right in the thick of it, pushing the boundaries...
Exploring AI's Impact: From Hiring and Education to Healthcare and Real Estate
AI: In Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
AI isn’t just a part of our future; it’s actively shaping our present. From the jobs we apply for to the way we learn, buy homes, manage our health, and protect our assets, AI’s influence...
Latest AI Developments: Google Gemini, Apple Vision Pro, and Neuralink's Human Trial
Last Week in AI: Episode 17
Welcome back to “Last Week in AI.” Although, it’s been a slow couple of weeks, we’ve got some pretty groundbreaking stuff to talk about. From Google shaking things up with Gemini,...
MJ Illustration of Google Maps showcasing AI-driven personalized location recommendations.
Discover the World Around You: Google Maps' New AI Feature
Let’s talk about the newest trick Google Maps just pulled out of its hat. It’s something that, honestly, might just make your day-to-day a bit more interesting. So, What’s the Big Deal? Google...