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Hello, I'm VAI. Are you new to Vease?
Latest advancements in AI.
Last Week in AI: Episode 21
Alright, let’s dive into this week. In ‘Last Week in AI,’ we’re touching on everything from Google’s reality check with Gemini to Apple betting big on GenAI. It’s a...
Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI emphasizes a critical debate on AI's future, ethics, and integrity versus profit in AI development.
Musk vs. OpenAI: A Battle Over Ethics and Future of AI
The Heart of the Matter At the core of Elon Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, lies a fundamental question: Can and should AI development maintain its integrity and commitment...
Google and Stack Overflow partnership showcasing AI and cloud computing advancements at Cloud Next conference.
OverflowAPI: A Power Move by Stack Overflow and Google
The Dawn of OverflowAPI Imagine the keys to a vast library, one that holds the collective coding wisdom accumulated over years. That’s what Stack Overflow is unveiled with its new program, OverflowAPI....
Genie AI by Google DeepMind transforming simple images into playable 2D platformer games, showcasing AI's potential in game development.
Google DeepMind's Genie: Turning Images into Games
A Game-Changing AI Google DeepMind is pushing boundaries again with Genie, an AI that’s like a magic wand for video games. Picture this: you take a photo or doodle something, and Genie transforms...