Our Story

Our Vision

To enable the global on-demand service economy toward businesses by empowering people to freely start and efficiently grow their own businesses.

Our Mission

To create a multi-sided platform that connects professionals and consumers by making their transactions transparent, secure and productive.

What We Value

  • Security
  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Success

Our Platform

We believe in saving people time and money, especially when it comes to maintenance of their home and business. We offer solutions for both. In the age of digital integration, we're able to drastically improve how we receive and render services.

Whether hiring or rendering a service, we believe that people prefer being in control. For home owners, our platform provides multiple, yet seamless ways of hiring a service. The post method: where on-demand services can bid for your business. The booking method: where you can directly schedule an appointment with a service provider.

For businesses, the Vease platform provides a number of digital integrated solutions in order to efficiently run the daily operations. Technology can automate time-consuming tasks, allowing employer and employee to focus on things that require human attention. Through digital integration, everything is shared more quickly, problems come to light sooner and employees can collaborate more easily and customers, too. Faster and easier communication is a consistent result of digital integration.

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If you are interested in what we're doing, feel free to let us know! We love answering your questions and or concerns.

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