4 Problems with Using Classified Ads to Find Service Providers

Posted on July 29, 2018 | Written by Florind Metalla

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People have always had a way to connect with service providers, from the yellow pages, to lawn signs and all the way to classified ads. These were the most common methods that people used to hire service providers. There are still a number of unnecessary steps that make the process time consuming, unsecure and bothersome. As technology is quickly changing the conventional way of how processes are done, Vease is the best way to find service providers. Vease is the alternative option that allows you to find experienced and professional service providers in your area.

Problem #1 – Who?

A major issue that classified ads have is the lack of reviews or information available for each service provider. Hiring a perfect stranger can be stressful, and most people would prefer to have information about who they are hiring before they invite them to their home.

With Vease, you’ll be able to access previous work that the service provider has done, reviews from other users, a rating and access to all of their digital properties so you won’t need to spend time searching for them.

Problem #2 – Your ad can be drowned out

On many classified ad websites like Kijiji, there legitimate ads accompanied by many ads posted by spammers, and as a result many real ads become irrelevant and lost in rankings and algorithms.

On Vease, all ads are verified and notify all service providers on the app of the available posting so you’ll never have to worry about your request being lost. Also, all of our service providers are verified by our team and are reliable people.

Problem #3 – Spam

Spam is by far one of the most irritating concerns when using these websites. Often times, the responses to the posting are from spammers. Some messages are very convincing and they will earn your trust by deceiving you. You’ll eventually click and reply to them, and download links in these emails may contain a virus or spyware and may even steal your information.

Vease offers a secure platform powered by blockchain technology that ensures every agreement is packaged as a smart contract and stored in our database for your security.

Problem #4 – Traveling

Today people are busier than ever before and most jobs require their employees to travel. Setting up appointments in other cities when you have a wedding or a business meeting can be a big hassle. Even if you’re able to post an ad, it’s often too time consuming to be able to hire anyone within the short timeframe that you need.

Vease solves many of the problems associated with classified ads.

When you require help with any task it can often be a headache to rely on classified ads. Vease is a new platform that offers a fast and simple way to connect with service providers, even when you’re traveling or visiting a new community. Vease connects you with reliable service providers.

It offers a faster, safer and more convenient alternative to traditional methods and eliminates many of the problems associated with them.

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