Easy business.

Connecting users to their local businesses.

Vease is an on-demand platform connecting people on the go with local businesses. Our matchmaking service ensures full transparency, secure contracts, and high quality standards.

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Evolution Of Services

We are living in a fast paced, digital world. Digital technology has changed and evolved how people hire service providers, and time is more valuable now than ever before. Consumers are looking for easy, fast, and transparent business. Here’s a look at how Vease will change how people seek out, connect with, and hire service providers.

  1. Past

    People went through directories, and used word of mouth to seek out service providers, personally contacting them to schedule appointments.

  2. Present

    People use online directories like Google and Kijiji to find service providers and schedule appointments.

  3. Future

    Vease will allow service providers to cater to a consumer’s specific needs, helping to select the best fit.

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Finally, a revolutionary small business management system.

A back-office system that helps contractors connect with their customers in a safe, secure and transparent process.

Enabling on-demand service providers to manage their business in an efficient and productive system by utilizing our backend office capabilities.

Coming Soon On Web, iOS & Android.

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